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Gas Odorization

Gas Odorants

gas odorants

The gas odorant industry has gone through significant structural changes recently, and Arkema, France has been quick to address the challenge of providing outstanding service in this changing industry. Arkema is well-positioned to provide high quality and complete service package of odorizing solutions to customers’ needs. With strong technical & logistics support from Arkema, Varicon can now manage your odorant deliveries safely and reliably.

Our sales team can help you choose the appropriate blend for your odorant needs and help you select the most effective odorizing methods. By providing advice on design, materials of construction, piping, valves, and other equipment requirements for storage and leak free transfers, we can help you simplify odorant handling and storage.


VARICON offers Arkema proven odorants such as:

  • Spotleak® Blends for Natural Gas Odorization
  • Ethyl Mercaptan for Propane and Butane Odorization
  • Tetrahydrothiophene
  • Mercaptan AssassinTM