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Pneumatic Metering Pumps


Pneumatic Metering Pumps are operated by compressed air, nitrogen or natural gas. As there is no electrical component involved in these pumps, they are very safe to operate in hazardous areas. It is compact in size and easy to maintain.

The pneumatically operated positive displacement metering pumps can provide accuracies upto +/-2% satisfying API-675 standards.

Flow Turn Down Ratio :

Since metering pumps offer both stroke rate and stroke length adjustment, flow turn down ratios as great as 100:1 can be achieved.

Pressure :

These pumps can produce 10,000psi with only 100psi of air/gas supply pressure owing to the large differences in area between the air/gas piston and the plunger.

Corrosion resistance:

Plungers made of SS316 or ceramic with PTFE seals provide maximum corrosion resistance. Special materials such as Hastolly are also offered.