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Gas Odorization

Gas Odorization Systems

gas odorization

Natural gas, as it emerges out of the mother earth, is odorless. In order to detect any leaks in the downstream pipeline, an odorant is injected. This is done to fulfill legal requirement as well as for the safety of the persons working on the gas pipelines and end-users of the gas.

At Varicon, we understand the criticality and safety of natural gas distribution. With strong support from YZ - USA, we offer state of the art Gas Odorizing Systems with advanced micro processor control and precise online odorant measurement.

The unique NJEX odorizing system injects precise repetitive quantities of liquid odorants. Designed for endurance, the NJEX pump has modular check valves for ease of maintenance.

Our systems are, and always have been, the leading edge in technology. The new NJEX 300 series systems offer technology that allows remote communication, system analysis and reconfiguration in real time via direct or SCADA communications link.


Some of these features and options includes:

  • Single or double injection systems to provide redundancy or high flow capability
  • The odorizing pump, measurement device, electronic controller and other components in the system are specifically designed and built for hassle-free performance
  • Skid mounted tanks and secondary containment skids
  • Insulated cabinets with optional heaters for low ambient location
  • Remote online communication, system analysis, and alarm indication for reliable operation
  • Cost effective simple systems such as Low Volume Odorizer and Mini Odorizer for CNG filling stations.