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Odorants - Milk Man Concept

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Varicon offers Ethyl Mercapton/Gas Odorants for Natural Gas & LPG industries through the milk man concept.

Under this concept, Varicon undertakes all the activities starting from importing the odorants from Arkema, France through Small Bulk Containers (SBC), transporting it to each location, up to filling the odorants based on the customer requirement.

The necessary safety precautions are taken as per guidelines given by the supplier, Arkema. During the process of filling the odorant, the existing vapor in the tanks will be routed through a scrubber and we attempt to achieve completely odorless venting of these vapors.

After the process is completed, the empty SBC will be moved back to a safe location.

Advantages of SBC :

  • The process of handling the odorant while importing and transfer is well designed in line with international safety standards
  • Completely odorless filling can be achieved in comparison to drum filling, which is unpredictable and exposed to manual handling
  • As nitrogen supply is enough to transfer the odorant from the SBC to storage tanks, there is no need of an additional pump to transfer the odorant.
  • It eliminates the cumbersome process of disposing empty barrels.
  • The process of cooling the barrels is also eliminated and the odorant can be unloaded at any time of the day.
  • The process of handling SBC is completely safe and hassle free. It is efficient and safer while in transportation as the SBC are self-mounted and equipped with rupture discs and pressure safety valves
  • Varicon is backed by Arkema, France, the largest manufacturer of Thio & Sulphur range of Chemicals. Arkema has vast experience on odorants (including the new generation sulphur-less odorant) and have entered into such partnerships with YZ systems at few places across the world
  • There is also a 24 hour help-line service provided by Arkema for any safety related queries on odorants