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Gas Odorization

Odor Treatment System

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O-Scent is manufactured by WVT Industries, Belgium, specifically for the neutralization of mercaptans. The product has been formulated to control the odorant vapor during the filling process. It also helps to reduce the odor during maintenance of the odorizing system for cleaning Mercaptan wetted parts or empty barrels. O-Scent encapsulates the odor of the ethyl mercaptans and changes it into a more pleasant smell. Unlike the use of the alternative process using hypochlorite, there is no exothermic reaction while using O-Scent. O-Scent is completely biodegradable. After rinsing with O-Scent solution, the resultant water can be discharged into the normal sewer system without any further treatment.


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Absorbent 10 is another product from WVT composed of mineral-based materials, charred without addition of chemicals. It has a very high absorption rate and is used globally for absorption of acids, solvents, alkalis and lacquers.


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